Strategic Planning Consulting

HOKU Consulting specializes in partnering with companies and non-profits creating meaningful strategic plans that move businesses forward. We take a consultative approach with our planning process and have experienced Strategic Planning Facilitators who have decades of experience running successful businesses big and small. Our strategic plans create lasting mission and visions statements that will point your business in the right direction. We do deep dive analysis using SWAT, PESTLE and other models to identify strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. Working with our clients we collectively extrapolate this valuable information to customize a strategic plan that will launch your business forward. Objectives and goals are set and we help establish important departmental alignments, operational actions and accountability tactics to make your roadmap and strategic plan a success.

HOKU consulting is passionate about building meaningful partnerships and takes pride in making a difference building strategic plans with clients of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a hands-on strategic planning facilitator, or just need some guidance on a strategic plan you are creating, Hoku Consulting can help.

At HOKU, we also facilitate all types of meetings including board meetings, retreats, teambuilding sessions and conferences.

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”
– Warren Bennis

Leadership Training

HOKU Consulting has a dynamic Leadership Training division that focuses on Strategic Leadership Development, One-On-One Mentorship Training, Customized Corporate Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Employee Feedback Programs, Board Recruitment and Succession Planning. HOKU has knowledgeable business leaders with years of senior management experience who take pride in developing and growing managers. Investment in Leadership Training will pay dividends down the road as properly trained Leaders and board members will be the key to success in leading organizations into the future . Strong leadership will create positive and productive work environments for staff.

We have several Leadership training courses including; the importance of effective communication, establishing accountability with staff, leading by example, creating dynamic team building cultures, momentum tactics, delegating techniques, dealing with problem employees, board recruitment strategies and techniques to create and foster a positive work environment. At HOKU consulting we have years of Leadership Training experience and are well equipped to make a positive influence on your Leadership team with some high-powered inspirational Leadership Training. Every organization has unique needs, so please reach out to see how we can customize a Leadership Training Program for your business.

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”
– John F. Kennedy

Sales Training

It’s imperative that businesses have a dynamic sales training strategy and high performing sales teams in place to drive revenues to the next level. Sales makes the global business ecosystem flourish, but too often we see revenue streams struggle due to the lack of sales training and high-powered sales strategies. At HOKU Consulting our business consultants have decades of experience managing sales teams and driving revenues. We value the importance of sales and offer high powered sales training on site, or in the classroom. We specialize in areas such as consultative sales techniques, creative prospecting, customer service training, healthy communication, organizational processes, and developing your sales reps to believe in themselves so they can be at the top of their game.

HOKU Consulting is also passionate about designing strategic sales instruction that focuses on creating “positive customer experiences” for your clients. When companies have good customer service ratings their business tend to flourish. It’s extremely difficult in today’s competitive market to make a sale, but by developing proactive customer service training, your company can be a winner. Happy customers are by far the best advertising you can give your organization and our business consultants specialize in working with companies to create long lasting customer service training programs that will launch your company to the next level.

HOKU Consulting believes the key to business success is a having a thriving sales force and excellent customer service processes. Let us guide you in accomplishing these high standards through our customized sales and customer service training programs.

“It takes months to find a customer… seconds to lose one!”
– Vince Lombardi

Communications & Conflict Resolution Training

Getting the right message out to your internal and external stakeholders is key in today’s business arena. One wrong move could prove to be disastrous in this technologically savvy world. Our business consultants are here to help you carve out the right message at the right time. We specialize in media relations, formulating internal & external communication plans, align strategic plans to rock solid communication plans, and we put it all together for you with professional editorial services. We have over thirty years of communication and journalism experience and we would be happy to sit down with you to see how we can make your vision a reality. We also provide editorial content services for websites, press releases, digital newsletters and board reports.

HOKU Consulting also specializes in conflict resolution training for organizations. The founder Dwayne Weidendorf is a 5th degree black belt in karate and is highly trained at utilizing conflict resolution skills to de-escalate tense situations and deal with difficult people. Let HOKU Consulting customize a corporate conflict resolution training program for your company that will protect your staff from potentially dangerous situations. Dwayne can also customize and teach a basic corporate self-defence training program for your organization that will be safe and give your staff the confidence and self-defence training needed in the office, or street.

“Healthy Internal and External Communication is the key building block to a thriving business”
– Dwayne Weidendorf, Hoku Consulting